A couple went out to buy some hamburgers and, upon arriving at the establishment, the man got out to place the order, while the woman stayed in the car. Minutes later, a thief tried to open the vehicle without realizing that she was inside it. Her husband ran to help her and He argued with the criminal, who pulled out a gun and shot him right in the heart and then fled.

According to the Todo Noticias media, the event occurred last Saturday, March 16, 2024, around 11:30 pm in the city of Moreno, Argentina. The victim was identified as Jonatan Tapia, 34 years old.

The couple got into their car to go to the location located five blocks from their home.specifically on Davaine Street, in the Aberasturi neighborhood.

Jonatan was at the counter of the establishment and watched the thief every moment, Seeing that his wife was in danger, he ran to arrest the criminal.

The owner of the restaurant, who is also a nurse, came out to help Mr. Tapia by performing CPR tactics.. The victim’s wife took advantage of the fact that her brother lives near the place and called him so he could help her with her partner.

When I arrive, the ambulance was not there yet, it took about 30 minutes So he decided not to wait and together with his sister they put Jonatan in the car. They took him to the Mariano and Luciano de la Vega provincial hospital. Even though he arrived alive, The doctors could not save him because his condition was serious and he did not make it to the operating room..

The autopsy was performed on Sunday, March 17, the experts removed the bullet that was in his heart. “I didn’t steal anything, not even his cell phone.“said Daniel Campos, brother of the victim’s wife, in dialogue with Todo Noticias.

He added that, being a resident of the sector, he is a witness that insecurity in the area is skyrocketing. “Moreno is complicated,” he noted.

Jonatan was the father of two children, ages 2 and 7., had been married to his wife for 9 years. He worked as a sound manager at events and was an evangelist in the church of the Christian Center for the Nations (CCN) ministry, to which he dedicated a farewell message on his social networks.

“The CCN family bids farewell to our brother, friend and son Jonatan Tapia, one of the most faithful servants of our congregation. Today we have to mourn his loss, but our hearts are filled with joy knowing that he is now in the arms of the Father whom he served so much. May you rest in peace, Jonatan!”, noted the Christian Center for Nations.

The case was left in the hands of a prosecutor from the UFI office No. 3 of the Judicial Department of Moreno and General Rodríguez, which defined the case as “aggravated homicide by use of a firearm”. For the moment, the trail of the criminal is still being followed.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/hombre-intento-defender-a-su-esposa-de-un-ladron-y-termino-muerto-rg10

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