The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, This Friday he condemned the “homophobic and transphobic statements” against the drag queen Minima Gestéone of the relays of the Olympic torch as it passed through the capital on July 14 and 15.

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The presentation video of Minima Gesté “he was the target of many homophobic and transphobic statements that the City of Paris condemns without reservation”said Hidalgo, in a statement.

The Paris Mayor’s Office explained that it chose Minima Gesté as a reliever “to help her convey her message of love, openness and equality.”

“Ten years ago it would never have been possible for a drag queen to carry the Olympic flame.”“, declares in the video the reliever, who claims to carry the “pride” of an LGBT+ community, which has “visibility” as “one of the pillars of acceptance.”

“Yes, I am proud and yes, Paris is proud that a drag queen carries the flame and, therefore, values ​​of peace and humanity”emphasizes the Franco-Spanish councilor.

The mayor, who pointed out to the Prosecutor’s Office the comments that could constitute a crime, indicated that the city will support Minima Gesté in its eventual legal actions against “this digital harassment, especially spread by far-right media.”

Marion Maréchal, candidate for the European elections in June for the far-right party ¡Reconquista!, described the drag queen as a “vulgar and hypersexualized person” and questioned whether she is a “good way to represent France” in the world.

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