A idea of ​​the alternative Michelle Obama, wife of former President Barack, began to run in the halls of Congress when, last November, David Axelrod wrote on the social network of popularity and the polls that were beginning to show Trump as the best positioned to return to the White House after the presidential elections in November 2024.

“Only Biden can make that decision. If he stays in the Democratic primary race, he will be the party’s nominee. What he needs to do is think about whether that’s sensible; whether that’s in his best interest or in the best interest of the country,” wrote Axelord, a former adviser to Barack Obama who continues to be a key strategist for Democrats.

Soon after this message on social media, several Republican congressmen began to react to the message from the former White House advisor, including Ted Cruz, the influential senator from Texas, who in a television interview made it clear that Barack Obama continues to be the personality who runs the Democratic Party and who, at any moment, could put his wife on the ballot for the Democratic primaries.

This possibility remained dormant for a few weeks, but recent polls — which continue to indicate a drop in Biden’s popularity, presenting him with several points of difference from Trump, especially in states considered decisive for an electoral victory — have once again brought the topic for political discussion.

This week, ultra-conservative congressman Byron Donalds considered Michelle Obama’s candidacy almost certain, in an interview with the Fox News channel, citing information given to him by members close to the White House, who were showing concern about the possibility of a return from Trump to the White House.

Republicans invoke another argument: a statement from earlier this month by Michelle Obama, in another podcast interview, in which the former first lady said she was very concerned about the possibility of Trump winning in the 2005 elections. from November.

“What could happen in the next election? I’m scared about what could happen, because our leaders are relevant. Who we choose, who speaks for us, who has access to the pulpit”, said Michelle Obama, in that interview.

Democrats do not comment on the former first lady’s statements, nor do they admit to discussing her candidacy, but the American media guarantee that the party has polls that reveal that Michelle Obama has a better chance of stopping Trump than Joe Biden.

Democratic polls confirm what other opinion studies indicate: voters consider that Biden is too old and tired, at 81 years old, to be able to finish a second term and do not recognize the economic results that the White House considers to be positive.

This week, several North American media reported that the scenario of Michelle Obama being placed in the Democratic primaries is being taken seriously among Republicans, who are preparing for that scenario.

Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s longtime political advisor, wrote in his column that Republicans must face this hypothesis and prepare to combat the popularity that Barack’s wife has already proven to have achieved among the electorate, particularly minorities, who constitute an important sector for a presidential victory.

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