Activists assure that on the southern border of Mexico kidnappings of migrants are frequent, often from entire families. They further denounce that After being released, they are marked on their skin with seals that classify them.

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A Peruvian citizen was kidnapped with his entire family and now that he has been released he feels like he is living hell: “There were people who had five days with children, babies.”

This person prefers not to show his face, although a stamp on his arm reveals that he was plagiarized: “There are beatings, they rape women, there are those who ask them to sleep with them to let them out. It’s difficult, brother. “Those posters are very bad.”

The marks they leave on the skin allow them to identify migrants who have already paid a ransomsays one analyst.

“They are like your codes so that someone else from the group does not come back to steal them. I feel like the purpose is totally monetary. They look to see what they can get from the families,” said activist Eunice Rendón.

Express kidnappings do not only occur on the southern border, but also in other areas bordering the United States.

“By the grace of God we were saved from being kidnapped in Hidalgo when we were entering. Because we walked and they handed us over there, we were a large group and we were able to escape,” said Honduran Dinia Velásquez.

The Voice of America requested comments from the National Migration Institute, but there was no answer. There are also no official figures on the number of migrants kidnapped in Mexico. Last year, 2.5 million people passed through this country.

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