O The same text mentioned that the Caracas authorities agreed to receive their citizens who will be expatriated by Washington.

Moments after the release of the North American statement, the Venezuelan Government confirmed the signing of a migration agreement to carry out “orderly, safe and legal” repatriation flights of Venezuelans from the United States.

Several years ago, the United States interrupted direct flights designed to expel migrants towards the Latin American country, faced with a serious political, security and economic crisis.

“We have already identified the individuals who are detained and who will be quickly expelled in the coming days” due to the fact that they do not meet the conditions to remain in the United States, said a senior North American official, anonymously, quoted by the AFP news agency.

This decision “demonstrates that we are determined that all people who illegally cross our border suffer the consequences”, said the same source.

The announcement coincides with another decision by the Biden administration on immigration, with the resumption of construction of the wall intended by former President Donald Trump on the border with Mexico.

The same senior official did not specify when the repatriation would begin, and did not provide information on the number of migrants involved.

The resumption of these direct expulsions targets Venezuelans who entered North American territory after July 31. For those who are in North American territory before that date, Washington recently announced the granting of 500,000 temporary residence permits.

According to the UN, more than seven million people fled Venezuela after the country’s economic collapse.

President Nicolás Maduro’s regime is subject to sanctions from Washington, which did not recognize his re-election in 2018.

“We have long said that we are ready to review the sanctions based on concrete advances towards a democratic solution in Venezuela. These steps have not yet taken place and we continue to apply the sanctions”, said the senior North American official.

Venezuelans are one of the most numerous nationalities among migrants arriving at the border with the United States.

Throughout his term, Democratic President Joe Biden, campaigning for his presidential re-election, has been accused by the Republican opposition of having a weak position on immigration issues.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2414333/migracoes-biden-retoma-expulsoes-diretas-em-direcao-a-venezuela

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