In the United States there is an alert for the beginning of a natural phenomenon that did not happen more than two centuries ago. They are the so-called periodical cicadas that only live in that country and are emerging from the ground in 15 states to reach maturity and look for a partner.

“It sounds like a humming and clicking noise”describes Julián Cameron, a 12-year-old boy who lives in South Carolina.

For his part, Peter Cameron, also a resident of South Carolina, says that “during the day it sounds like a high-pitched humbut at night it looks like a jungle.”

Evan Lampert, a biologist at the University of North Georgia and cicada expert, explains that “In entomology we call it a chorus, there are hundreds of thousands of males per hectare. “Literally, in someone’s yard there can be thousands and thousands of them singing to attract a mate at the same time.”

These insects live most of their lives underground, feeding on the sap of tree roots, but this time, from this moment until June 2024, A huge number numbering in the millions is beginning to see the light of day due to a phenomenon that last occurred in 1803.

And in perfect synchronization, two litters of this species emerge at the same time on the surface to mate.

Jonathan Larson, an entomologist at the University of Kentucky, says that “It’s just a bunch of singing and stuff, and then they die. “There is no question of eating them when they come to the surface and that is one of the reasons we do not consider them major pests.”

This natural phenomenon is experienced in 15 states in the country, especially in the southeast, and it is in Illinois and Missouri where it is recorded with greater intensity.

Yes ok The noise of periodic cicadas can be a bit annoying, in general these insects produce environmental benefits. They are a valuable source of food for other animals and also improve water filtration in the soil.


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