The organization of Miss Universe Costa Rica has announced that transgender models will not be able to register for the 2024 edition. The news has generated controversy and debate throughout the country and opinions are divided.

Why this decision in Miss Universe Costa Rica?

The director of the contest, Yessenia Ramirezhas defended the measure as a way to maintain fairness in competition.

According to her, Miss Universe Costa Rica It is a contest exclusively for women and allowing the participation of trans models could distort that essence. “It is not an issue of discrimination,” Ramirez stated, “but to maintain order and coherence within the contest.”

The voices in favor

Some argue that the decision is correct. They maintain that Miss Universe is an event that celebrates female beauty in its most traditional form and transgender models should have their own space in other pageants.

Furthermore, they point out that The competition is a platform to promote values ​​such as femininity, elegance and grace, and that these qualities are commonly associated with cisgender women.

The voices against

On the other hand, there are those who consider that this measure is discriminatory and exclusive. They argue that trans models also deserve the opportunity to participate and show their beauty and talent, highlighting that society is evolving towards greater acceptance of gender diversity and that Miss Universe should reflect that evolution.

The debate on inclusion

In case of Angela Poncethe first transgender candidate in miss Universe In 2018, it remains an important milestone.

Her participation opened a dialogue about inclusion and diversity in beauty pageants. Although he did not reach the final, his presence left its mark.

What are the requirements to register for Miss Universe Costa Rica?

  • Be a Costa Rican woman, of legal age, in good physical and mental health, and with current identification documents.
  • Not having represented Costa Rica in the Miss Universe pageant. Possess qualities such as charisma, education, manners, discipline and sense of responsibility.
  • Other requirements include any marital status, with or without children, availability of time and adherence to ethical and moral standards, avoiding behavior that may generate scandal, public exposure or naked images.

Registrations are now available through the website and the form must be sent before March 31.


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