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The two coldest months of the year are well and truly over. What a relief ! Spring is starting to appear little by little, and with it the colorful aperitifs too!

On the program for the French’s favorite meal: cold meats, chips, tapenades, rustic breadsticks, crunchy vegetables… which are very often accompanied with the famous guacamole, always part of the aperitif. Why not show your imagination and replace it with a spreadable leek with goat cheese and curry? We know that avocado is not the best choice to preserve the planet, so replacing it with leek is a very good alternative. This blend of bold flavors will surprise your guests. Prepared with fresh ingredients, this recipe can be made in no time and can be stored in advance until ready to serve your guests. For an original taste experience, this is the recipe you need. So, what are you waiting for to test it?

1 Split the leek whites then wash them carefully under clean water.

2. Cut them into pieces and steam them until they are very tender.

3.Mix with the cheese and curry.

4.Salt, pepper, mix and taste to adjust the seasoning.

Good tasting !

You can store your dip for 3 days in an airtight container in the refrigerator.


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