Food recalls are rare in Japan, a country with high sanitation standards. Pasco Shikishima Corporation said it was investigating how rodent remains had infiltrated its products, specifically in a bread.

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The company noted that Until now I was not aware of anyone getting sick after eating their processed white “chojuku” bread, a long staple on Japanese breakfast tables.

About 104,000 packages of bread have been recalled in mainland Japan, from Tokyo to the northern region of Aomori.

“We would like to deeply apologize for causing problems for our customers,” the company said in a statement Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday Pasco confirmed that parts of a black rat had contaminated the two packages.

They were produced by the bakery in a factory in Tokyo, whose assembly line has been suspended pending its investigation, Pasco said.

“We will strengthen our quality management system to ensure that there is no repeat,” he added.

Cleanliness and hygiene are taken seriously in Japan, but food poisoning and recalls occasionally they make headlines.

Last year, the 7-Eleven convenience store chain apologized and announced recalls after a cockroach was found in a rice ball.

The latest health scandal in Japan was due to the withdrawal by the pharmaceutical company Kobayashi Pharmaceutical of dietary supplements intended to reduce cholesterol.

The firm said last month that it was investigating five deaths potentially related to products containing red yeast rice or “beni koji.”

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