NIn a statement, Biden confirmed that the funds include “Defense Department items and services” as well as military training materials, all “to assist Ukraine” in resisting the Russian invasion.

According to the online newspaper Politico, the package will involve the transfer of North American weapons and includes new Patriot missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, Bradley fighting vehicles, anti-mine vehicles, Javelin anti-armor systems and various ammunition.

On April 24, Biden enacted a law that allows arms to be sent to Ukraine worth 60.8 billion dollars (around 55 billion euros).

Congress approved this aid package after months of blockade by the more conservative wing of Republicans, supported by former President Donald Trump, who firmly opposed continuing to send military aid to Ukraine.

At that time, the North American President announced that the first military aid package, worth one billion dollars (around 930 million euros), would arrive in the following weeks at the battlefront.

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