MMore than a fifth of the hostages captured by the Islamic group Hamas will be dead, according to a report carried out by the Israeli army.

The organization concluded that at least 32 of the 136 citizens under Hamas control have died since the conflict escalated on October 7, according to a document evaluated by The New York Times.

The same outlet said that the families of the 32 dead hostages have already been notified, citing four officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The four officers also detailed that the army is evaluating unconfirmed information that there are at least 20 other dead hostages.

This number is higher than estimates released by Israel, which had previously claimed that most people had lost their lives in the October 7 attacks, when 240 citizens were taken hostage.

Around half of the hostages have already been released, most of them as part of the temporary ceasefire in November, which was marked by the release of 240 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

Since then, several survivors and family members of hostages have been putting pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, as they believe that the Israeli military offensive is putting the lives of their loved ones in danger. Remember, only one hostage was released as a result of an Israeli operation, and at least three others were killed accidentally.

After Hamas’ surprise attack on Israeli territory, called ‘Al-Aqsa Storm’, Israel bombed from the air several installations of that armed group in the Gaza Strip, in an operation it called ‘Iron Swords’.

Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel is “at war” with Hamas, a group considered terrorist by Israel, the United States and the European Union (EU), having agreed with the opposition to create a national emergency government and a war cabinet .

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