The Spanish adult film actor, director and producer Nacho Vidal He will be tried for the crime of reckless homicide committed during a ritual with methylfubotenine, a substance from the venom of the toad of the ‘bufo alvarius’ species.

Nacho Vidal, investigated for the death of photographer José Luis Abad

The Court of Valencia (east) has revoked the provisional dismissal of the case, considering that There is enough evidence to judge Ignacio Jordà, known by the stage name Nacho Vidal, and two others investigated for the death of photographer José Luis Abad on July 28, 2019 during the ritual.

The magistrates upheld the appeal presented by the two private accusations, so that the court responsible for investigating the case was ordered to issue the corresponding abbreviated procedure order for a possible crime of homicide due to serious recklessness.

Regarding Nacho Vidal, the court cites as evidence that he assumed the role of “director of the rite” and claimed “special knowledge about this type of ceremonies.”

Also, it was the person who ordered the dose that the deceased should inhale in a glass pipette or who knew the toxicity of the substance. and, despite this, it did not adopt “any precautions either before or during its administration.”

The judicial resolution also recalls that the investigated person knew of the incompatibility of methylbufotenine with the ingestion of cocaine, and it is possible that he would have been aware that the deceased had previously taken that drug (as confirmed by the autopsy).

Likewise, the hearing highlights the “obvious lack of medical knowledge” of the porn actor, which was evident when the victim fainted and, Despite this, “everyone continued with the ceremony for several minutes.”

On the other hand, the court considers that there are also indications of a crime to continue the case regarding the other two investigated, a cousin and a friend of the actor. The first, for their possible contribution to the crime, and the second, for a possible cover-up.

This case was provisionally archived by the investigating court in May 2023, which considered that the photographer voluntarily submitted to the ceremony and that he attended it having previously consumed cocaine (between one and four days before death and on the same day). , according to the forensic report).

The analyzes confirmed that the substances taken by the deceased are configured as “alkaloids”, which increase cardiovascular effects, such as blood pressure, heart rate and arrhythmias.

The coroner indicated that the consumption of such substances causes coronary vasoconstriction, so blood flow is compromised, and pointed out that the cause of death was the consumption of cocaine together with the aforementioned toad toxin, without being able to separate a of the other.


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