Theresa Dawes was hired to be the nanny of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s third child, but ended up being fired before meeting the child.

The woman was hired two weeks before the child’s birth but was sent away, she suspects, for having a glass of wine with Boris Johnson while Carrie, his wife, was still in hospital after giving birth.

The woman is now telling her version and the British tabloids have even named the case Nannygate.

“Boris arrived home, went out onto the terrace and opened a bottle of ice-cold rosé. He asked me to join him and toast little Frank. He told me how Carrie and the baby were doing and when they would be coming home,” he said. Theresa to The Sunday Mirror.

It was Carrie’s mother who saw the scene and told her daughter. The dismissal took place hours after the former prime minister’s wife arrived home.

Theresa also said that Carrie told her that she had called an Uber that would pick her up in 15 minutes – the same time she had to gather her things and leave.

“It was a complete nightmare,” says the 59-year-old nanny who came from Zimbabwe just for this job that would last about three months. The woman does not rule out taking legal action for breach of contract and also claims that the Johnson couple owes her thousands in severance pay.

The couple has already reacted and both Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds claim that the nanny’s accusations are false and that she is only looking for money and to damage the conservative’s reputation.

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