EIn an interview with the Lusa agency, the advisor to the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, stated that Navalany’s death, on Friday while serving a prison sentence, was “a political assassination of an essential opponent in the alternative to Putin” and demonstrates “the internal and external impunity” of the Kremlin leader.

“In other words, he [Putin] it is waging a large-scale war against Ukraine on the external plane, bleeding Ukraine dry, and it is also beginning to bleed the internal space, killing important opponents and thus demonstrating that it has impunity. There is no way to influence this”said Podolyak in the interview with Lusa, which will be released in full on Sunday.

According to Zelensky’s advisor, the death of the prominent Russian opponent, which provoked widespread protests in Western countries and small gatherings in Russia, which have since been repressed, “will not affect the country” nor will protests be capable of changing the regime.

The key to change “can only exist in a state of war, regardless of where you wage this war,” Podolyak warned, “and so to end all this, you must inflict tactical military defeats on Russia along the front line.” , which will bring “a fundamental problem for Putin” also internally.

“Our partners need to understand that the Russian Federation is not a state that can make any agreements, that follows any rules,” said the Ukrainian adviser, stressing that the fate of Alexei Navalny is proof that “the Russian Federation has now abandoned completely his cover” in the way he approaches the invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, and how he deals with differences in his country.

Thus, Zelensky’s advisor insisted that “there are no other alternatives to removing Putin’s elite from power” other than leading Russia to military defeat “and Navalny’s assassination emphasizes this in the most eloquent way possible.”

On Friday, the Ukrainian head of state, Volodomyr Zelensky, said it was obvious that Navalny “was killed like thousands of others who were tortured to death” and argued that Putin “must answer for his crimes”.

Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, one of Vladimir Putin’s main critics, died on Friday in prison, according to Russia’s federal penitentiary service.

Navaly, 47, was in an Arctic prison to serve a 19-year sentence under a “special regime” and, according to those services, he felt unwell after a walk and lost consciousness.

Alexei Navalny’s team held the Russian President responsible for the opponent’s death and demanded that the body be handed over to the family immediately, after the activist’s mother was formally informed of his death in prison.

Liudmila Naválnaya said she met her son on February 12 and that, at that time, “he was healthy and happy to be alive.”

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