En the eve of the presidential elections in Russia, which take place between Friday and Sunday, Yulia Navalnaya stated, in an opinion article published today in The Washington Post, that, following the death of her husband, on February 16 in a prison in the Arctic under circumstances To clarify, he had “no other choice” but to insist on some of his opponent’s ideas about Putin.

“To defeat Putin, or at least seriously punish him, you need to understand who he is. Unfortunately, many people in the West still see him as a legitimate political leader, discuss his ideology and look for political logic in his actions. This is a big mistake that generates new mistakes and helps Putin to deceive his opponents again and again”, warned Yulia Navalnaya.

For the widow of the main Russian opponent, who accuses Putin of directly ordering her husband’s death in prison, the Kremlin leader “is not a politician, he is a ‘gangster'”, like the people around him and who “captured and They used power only for their own enrichment and to realize their personal ambitions.”

The description of Putin as “leader of a mafia group”, allows, according to Yulia Navalnaya, “to understand his brutality, cynicism, propensity for violence, taste for ostentatious luxury — and his willingness to lie and kill”, warning that The Russian President’s lectures on religion, history, culture and politics “may deceive Westerners”, but in Russia “everyone knows that ‘gangsters’ have always liked to display large crosses, pose in churches and present themselves as fighters for superior justice and traditional values”, summarized as the “ruthless code of conduct of a professional criminal”.

“Look at Putin as a mafia boss and you will understand how to punish him and hasten his end”, he states in the opinion article, in which he points out the statute as “very important for criminal leaders”.

In this sense, Navalnaya expresses his incomprehension with the treatment given in the West to a man who “for decades falsified elections, killed, arrested or expelled from the country all his critics, and now triggered a bloody war in Europe by attacking Ukraine”.

Yulia Navalnaya also says that she does not promise that refusing to recognize the results of the Russian presidential elections next weekend would represent the “instant collapse” of Putin’s regime, but would give “an important signal to civil society in Russia and the elites still loyal to Putin, as well as to the world, that Russia is not governed by a President recognized by everyone, but by someone who is despised and publicly condemned”.

At that point, he argued, those who remain loyal to Putin will begin to see that “the only way to return to normal economic and political life is to get rid of him”, in the spirit that, for criminal leaders, money is crucial: ” The only thing that really hits Putin is the loss of income.”

In this sense, Alexei Navalny’s widow suggests that, although it is difficult to reach Putin directly, the same is not true of his close circle, proposing that he be deprived of his illicit gains.

“Deprive the ‘gangsters’ of their wealth and they will lose loyalty to their leader. That is why I call for maximum expansion and careful application of sanctions against all of Putin’s allies,” he wrote, noting that by doing so, the foundations will be laid for internal divisions and, “ultimately, the collapse of the regime.”

Finally, Yulia Navalnaya refers to the war in Ukraine when arguing that broad support for Kiev and its Armed Forces, in the face of the Russian invasion that began in February 2022, “has become the natural moral choice for Western countries”, and a defeat for Moscow would also leave the Kremlin “on the brink of collapse”.

However, he warns of cases in which dictators have survived military defeats, giving the example of Saddam Hussein after the failed invasion of Kuwait in 1991, insisting on the importance of supporting “the forces that continue to resist from within Russia”.

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