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Many of us rely on Google and Tripadvisor reviews when it comes to choosing a restaurant or hotel. But beware ! Some comments can be very unfair. This is what happened to Olivier Vierzon, chef of the “Hôtel Dieu” restaurant in Sarlat in Dordogne. On July 21, someone named Francine B. left a negative comment on the TripAdvisor page of his restaurant. Problem: the basis of his discontent seems completely unjustified.

In her opinion rated “3/5”, Francine B. wanted to complain about the quality of the desserts. Although his dish was “tasty“, she writes that “the Paris-Brest was average… as well as the lemon tart. What disappointed me was that they had just been defrosted. I saw it with my own eyes when I went to At the checkout, an employee took them out of the oven after defrosting. Problem is, the chef’s kitchens are not at the checkout… And he makes it known in an amusing way.

Instead of responding dryly, the chef favored humor and therefore filmed himself in his restaurant. Olivier Vierzon decided to “lead the investigation” to verify the comments of the author of the comment. Published on Facebook, his video created a buzz: it has had nearly 1.5 million views since it was posted online on September 11!

To counter this comment (and put this customer’s mind straight), the chef filmed the kitchens, questioned his staff and proved that the customer simply confused the oven with… the serving hatch! “Francine! You came to pay at the cash register on the ground floor and the kitchens are on the second floor!“, quips the chef in his video. Indeed, the establishment’s kitchen is on the second floor, the serving hatch is essential to serve customers quickly, especially those located on the terrace.

To finish his demonstration, the chef decided to film the making of his desserts to prove that they are not frozen. And the least we can say is that they look delicious!


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