NThe city of Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, is home to more than a million people, the majority of whom were displaced by the war started five months ago by Israel in retaliation for the Hamas attack on Israeli territory. The UN has already warned that a large-scale offensive in that area will have devastating consequences.

Netanyahu, who was speaking at a cadet school in southern Israel, argued that the country is fighting “an existential war” and that “it has to be won”, meaning he does not rule out entering what he described as “the last bastion of Hamas”, regardless of international criticism.

“Those who tell us not to act in Rafah are telling us to lose the war, and that will not happen”, he stressed.

According to the head of the Israeli executive, international governments should understand that “defeating the killers” of October 7th means “preventing the next September 11th”, reported The Times of Israel.

On October 7 last year, fighters from the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) — in power in the Gaza Strip since 2007 and classified as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union and Israel — carried out an attack on Israeli territory. unprecedented proportions since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, leaving 1,163 dead, most of them civilians, and around 250 hostages, 130 of whom remain in captivity, according to the most recent report by Israeli authorities.

In retaliation, Israel declared a war to “eradicate” Hamas, which began with cuts to the supply of food, water, electricity and fuel in the Gaza Strip and daily bombings, followed by a ground offensive in the north of the territory, which later extended South.

The war between Israel and Hamas, which today entered its 153rd day and continues to threaten to spread throughout the Middle East region, has so far left more than 30,800 people dead in the Gaza Strip, at least 72,298 injured and around 7,000 missing. buried in the rubble, most of them civilians, according to the latest report from local authorities.

The conflict also left almost two million people displaced, plunging the overpopulated and poor Palestinian enclave into a serious humanitarian crisis, with the entire population affected by serious levels of hunger that are already claiming victims, according to the UN.

In the West Bank and East Jerusalem, territories occupied by the Jewish State, more than 400 Palestinians have been killed since October 7 by Israeli forces and in attacks carried out by settlers, in addition to more than 3,000 injuries and 6,650 arrests.

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