HThere are new details about the case of Émile, a two-year-old boy who disappeared in the Vernet region, in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France, in July this year. On the morning the child disappeared, his grandfather had an argument with a farmer, the same man who saw his house searched for almost two days last week.

The information, according to BFM DICI, has been known since the beginning of the investigation, but was not yet public.

Everything indicates that the young farmer and Émile’s grandfather argued over construction work in the village. The young man, identified as Romain, is not unknown to the authorities, as he was one of the two witnesses who last saw Émile before his disappearance.

The work would have upset the grandfather, as one of the walls of his house would have been damaged.

“He yelled at my cousin early in the morning and even woke me up. It’s not the first time. He yells at everyone,” said Marc, a cousin of the young farmer, claiming that he didn’t respond to Émile’s grandfather and took refuge. if.

Later, the two cousins ​​went to a nearby field to transport cows. Regarding the fact that a tractor was seen on the main road that morning, Marc argued that it was not his cousin and that he walked to his house.

“There are other farmers who were harvesting during this period. Frankly, I don’t understand what the investigators are looking for. A child disappears and we are going to look at a young man who has nothing to do with it. We shouldn’t be surprised if nothing happens,” he said, adding that he “doesn’t know” where his cousin was in the late afternoon of the day of his disappearance, with many who know him claiming that he was not in the village.

It should be noted that a few hours after Émile’s disappearance, Romain’s mother was one of the first people to be interviewed by the authorities and her car was inspected, as well as the young man’s tractor.

According to what BFM DICI revealed, the 16-year-old young man is described by several local residents as a person “who lives on the margins of society”. “He is a young man who did not go to school, known in the city for driving a tractor at high speed,” a resident of Vernet told the French channel.

Despite the passage of time and ongoing investigations, nothing is known about the two-year-old boy who disappeared in the late afternoon of July 8, while playing in the garden of his grandparents’ house, where the family was on vacation, after sleeping. the nap.

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