NAt a United Nations (UN) Security Council meeting called by Moscow to mark the one-year anniversary of the gas pipeline attack, Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya stated that the United States agreed to undermine Nord Stream to maintain its influence in Europe, which, in turn, needs Russian energy resources.

“More and more evidence is emerging in the expert community to show that the Nord Stream explosion is the work of Washington, which committed this outrageous crime driven by a narrow-minded and selfish desire to consolidate its dominance in Europe, which urgently needs Russian energy resources. “, advocated Nebenzya.

“There are growing signs that, instead of efforts to clarify the circumstances of what happened, we are actually seeing an attempt to hide all those circumstances. (…) This is the aim of Germany, Denmark and Sweden: to cover up his older brother’s involvement abroad. The investigators have their hands tied and their eyes blindfolded,” the Russian diplomat added.

At today’s meeting, Russia once again criticized the lack of results in the national investigations carried out by Denmark, Germany and Sweden into the sabotage that occurred in September 2022 in the two Nord Stream gas pipelines, in the Baltic Sea.

Nebenzya also stressed that his country will insist on bringing those responsible for the sabotage to justice.

“We are talking about a terrorist attack that affected the international gas pipeline infrastructure and caused serious economic and environmental consequences for several States”, emphasized Nebenzya.

Russia will soon present a draft statement by the President of the UN Security Council on the Nord Stream attacks, the Russian ambassador also promised, adding that this text will be presented in the “next days”.

The remaining members of the Security Council once again expressed concern about the sabotage of the gas pipelines and the majority came out in defense of the investigations being carried out by Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

“We understand that these investigations will take time and we have full confidence in their impartiality and integrity. We do not believe it is a good use of our time for the Security Council to begin to pre-judge the outcome of these investigations, to dictate the way in which they are conducted, or otherwise harm them,” said UK policy coordinator Fergus Eckersley.

The British diplomat did not fail to notice the irony of the fact that Russia called this meeting based on its concern about the destruction of civilian infrastructure, when “almost every day it deliberately attacks civilian infrastructure in Ukraine”.

“We have seen the systematic bombing of Ukraine’s energy and port infrastructure, we have seen more than 480 Russian attacks on schools and hospitals and 120 attacks on religious sites. And beyond infrastructure, what happens to the lives of civilians themselves? At least 9,614 were killed and another 17,500 injured in Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine,” he noted.

The American diplomat highlighted that Russia has repeatedly stated that it seeks an impartial investigation, despite trying to “prematurely place the blame on certain countries.”

The attacks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines, which were not in operation at the time of the incident, occurred on September 26, 2022 and caused two leaks in each of them: two in the Danish area and two in the Swedish area, all in international waters.

Last March, the Security Council rejected a Russian proposal to launch an international investigation into the explosions, with the majority of members defending the continuation of investigations led by Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Although Russia insisted that it was sabotage by “Anglo-Saxon” countries, the international community closed ranks on the matter and accused the Kremlin (Russian Presidency) of having carried out a “false flag” attack (staging an attack and assign blame to third parties).

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