Physique, resilience and toughness in one-on-one behavior – Colombia went all-out on the “soccer basics” card against Germany. The outcome of this strategy was impressive in the end, with Manuela Vanegas’ late header goal in the seventh minute of injury time shattering the German women’s goals.

The late goal was of course also of a happy nature, but the result as such was not. Because the Colombians worked on the German players from the first minute. As a result, the faces of the stars around Alexandra Popp became increasingly dark.

Colombia against Germany with cleverness and individual class

A kick here, a jab there – the South Americans walked the line of unfairness without completely crossing it. There was also individual class. The opening goal by 18-year-old Linda Caicedo was absolutely world class. She made Sara Däbritz look very old, who previously did not go to the ball with the utmost consistency.

One player was good for the German team in contrast to the thrashing victory against Morocco: Lena Oberdorf. The six loves the physical game and was not intimidated by the Colombians.

Only Oberdorf was able to hold out against Colombia

She also liked to stand a leg and boosted the game of Martina Voss-Tecklenburg’s team. However, the woman from Wolfsburg – who also took the penalty in the 88th minute – was almost alone in the field.

Because neither the two wingers Klara Bühl and Jule Brand, who played so furiously against Morocco, nor the central forces Lina Magull and Däbritz, who was just mentioned, brought momentum and order to the offensive.

A lot was too sluggish, so that Alexandra Popp often just hung in the air. Because of the slow pace of the game, the Colombians kept getting into their “beloved” duels and brought in their physique. A means with which the German players did not get along until the end.


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