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The New Year is just around the corner, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to celebrate it with friends and family. To mark the occasion in a delicious way, there’s nothing like a festive dinner aperitif. We have put together our 10 best recipes to help you concoct an assortment of gourmet appetizers to delight your guests. From delicate croissants with flavors of salmon and fresh cheese to gourmet mini rillette muffins… there will be something for everyone.

Salmon and cream cheese croissants

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Start off in style with our salmon and cream cheese croissants. Triangles of golden puff pastry enclose a generous filling of smoked salmon and cream cheese. The combination of the richness of the salmon and the freshness of the cheese makes for a delicate and flavorful bite.

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Crispy potatoes for an aperitif


Crispy and irresistible, our crispy potatoes are an elegant alternative to traditional fries. Golden, crispy potato slices, perfectly seasoned, which are enjoyed with homemade sauces. A side dish that will melt the hearts of your guests.

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Ladies’ kisses with parmesan


The ladies’ kiss with parmesan is a variation of the famous Italian biscuit. A savory version of soft shortbread cookies, topped with a creamy parmesan cream. The combination of texture combined with the full-bodied flavor of parmesan creates a taste experience that will appeal to the most demanding palates.

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Endive appetizers

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For a lighter option, opt for our endive appetizers. The crunchy endive leaves serve as perfect spoons for an exquisite garnish, a mixture of cream cheese, crunchy apples and sesame. A balanced combination that will awaken the senses of your guests.

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Matchsticks with gruyere and parmesan cheese

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The gruyere and parmesan cheese matches are an invitation to crunch. Sticks of puff pastry deliciously filled with a generous mixture of melting cheeses. A perfect marriage of textures and flavors that will make it the star of your aperitif platter.

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Foie gras burger with fig and walnut confit


For a more daring option, our foie gras burger with fig and walnut confit is a gastronomic fusion not to be missed. Elegant mini burgers, topped with creamy foie gras, sweet fig confit and crunchy walnuts. An explosion of flavors in just one bite.

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Flammekueche flavored appetizer bites

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Rediscover the spirit of Alsace with our Flammekueche flavored aperitif bites. Small bites of crispy dough topped with crème fraîche, caramelized onions and bacon. A delicious homage to traditional cuisine that will delight your guests.

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Avocado, shrimp and pink grapefruit spoons

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Bring a touch of freshness with our avocado, shrimp and pink grapefruit spoons. Light and tangy bites, where the sweetness of avocado meets the freshness of shrimp and the lively flavor of pink grapefruit. An explosion of flavor in just one spoonful.

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Mini rillette muffins


Mini rillettes muffins are the perfect fusion of soft and full-bodied. Small individual pleasures containing tasty rillettes. An ideal choice for those looking for a gourmet and comforting option.

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Pizza roll


For a relaxed and tasty touch, opt for our Pizza Roll. Rolled bites of pizza dough, generously topped with tomato sauce, melted cheese, and ingredients of your choice. These little rolls offer the casual pleasure of pizza, perfect for a festive dinner appetizer. Easy to devour, they will add a friendly touch to your New Year’s table.

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