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When temperatures drop and the cold sets in, our taste buds demand hearty and comforting dishes. Nothing like dishes with sauce to warm you up during this period. Whether you are a fan of tender simmered meat, vegetables bursting with flavor, or exotic mixtures, our selection of recipes promises you an unforgettable winter feast.

To start off in style, immerse yourself in tradition with our beef Bourguignon. Tender beef slowly simmered in a rich Burgundy wine broth, accompanied by caramelized onions and tender mushrooms. A robust dish that warms the heart and brings a French touch to your winter table. See the recipe for traditional beef bourguignon with Burgundy wine.

If you prefer something quicker but just as comforting, opt for our delicious meatballs. Tasty and quick to make, these little wonders can be enjoyed with pasta, rice or even on their own. A simple and comforting dish that will delight the whole family. See the meatball recipe.

For a Mediterranean touch full of flavors, try our egg and pepper choutchouka. A sunny mix of peppers, tomatoes and spices, topped with poached eggs. A warm dish that brings summer sunshine to your winter table. See the recipe for tchoutchouka with eggs and peppers.

Immerse yourself in French cuisine with our coq au vin. A rustic dish where the rooster is slowly simmered in a red wine sauce, accompanied by mushrooms and bacon. A warming delight that transports your taste buds straight to Burgundy. See the coq au vin recipe.

For a unique taste experience, try our mustard rabbit recipe. Tender meat topped with a creamy mustard sauce, offering an explosion of flavors in every bite. A bold option that will brighten up your winter meals. See the mustard rabbit recipe.

Treat yourself to a culinary getaway to Italy with our veal osso bucco. Slices of veal shank simmered in a tomato sauce flavored with white wine, herbs and citrus fruits. A Milanese dish that will transform your table into a cozy trattoria. See the recipe for veal osso bucco like in Milan.

Immerse yourself in Belgian cuisine with our Flemish carbonade. An authentic version of this comforting dish made with beef, dark beer, onions and gingerbread. A delicious homage to the north of France. See the recipe for real Flemish carbonade.

For a more delicate but equally tasty option, try our creamy veal blanquette. Tender pieces of veal in a velvety sauce made from cream, broth and mushrooms. A dish of subtle elegance that warms the heart. See the recipe from the bcreamy veal strip.

End this culinary journey with our couscous recipe. A complete and comforting dish, mixing semolina, colorful vegetables and meat flavored with spices. An exquisite option that will transport you to the heart of oriental flavors. See the couscous recipe.


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