“RI reiterate my call for a ceasefire. Above all, I once again call on the Council to take urgent action to end this war,” Griffiths said, describing the conflict as “a stain on the collective conscience”.

During an intervention before the Security Council, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator said that “the situation remains dire as the relentless Israeli military operations continue.”

“We can see this in the collections of thousands of dead and injured people, the vast majority of them women and children. We can see this in the displacement caused by 1.9 million civilians, (…) 85% of the total population, traumatized and provoked by flee repeatedly while bombs and missiles rain down,” he added.

Griffiths also mentioned “future conditions on the ground”, with “shelters overflowing and food and water running out”, causing “the risk of hunger to increase every day”.

“People will continue to suffer and die from bombings and more and more people will also die from hunger and disease. We cannot allow this to happen,” she concluded.

“For almost 100 days, what has been unfolding in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories is a war carried out with almost no regard for the impact on civilians”, denounced the UN humanitarian chief

“Unless we act, it will become an indelible mark on our humanity,” warned Griffiths.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has governed the Gaza Strip since 2007, was triggered by the attack on Israeli territory on October 7 by the Palestinian Islamic movement, considered terrorist by the United States, the European Union and several countries.

That day, around 1,200 people were killed, most of them civilians and also close to 400 soldiers, according to the latest official Israeli figures. Around 240 civilians and military personnel were kidnapped, with Israel indicating that more than 100 remain in the Gaza Strip.

In retaliation, Israel, which promised to destroy Hamas, has been bombed in the Gaza Strip, where, according to the local government led by Hamas, more than 23,000 people have already been killed – including nearly 9,000 children and teenagers and 6,000 women, 70% of the total number of fatalities — and more than 59 thousand injured, also mostly civilians.

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