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The Christmas meal is synonymous with warm moments and sharing around a gourmet and festive meal. But this year again, the price of many festive dishes such as foie gras, poultry or salmon has increased again. It’s not always easy to put together a tasty Christmas meal while sticking to a set budget. This is why we have developed chic, gourmet and also economical recipes for you, perfect for your New Year’s Eve meal. Discover our balanced and affordable menu for successful celebrations without breaking the bank.

These puff pastry stars with pumpkin and fresh goat’s cheese are a deliciously creative starter to start your Christmas meal. Crispy puff pastry encases a soft mixture of roasted pumpkin pieces and fresh goat cheese, subtly seasoned with fresh thyme and rosemary. A simple combination, but full of flavors, that will warm the hearts of your guests from the first bite.

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For the main course, opt for our turkey rolls with prunes. A recipe as elegant as it is tasty, where the tenderness of the turkey combines with the sweetness of the prunes. The whole thing is wrapped in thin slices of turkey, creating juicy and fragrant bites. A comforting dish that will bring a festive touch to your table without sacrificing your budget.

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Accompany your meal with our cheese potato crown, a creation as delicious as it is visually impressive. Finely cut potatoes form a crown, cooked until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The melted cheese adds delicious richness to every bite. A garnish that brings a note of sophistication to your festive menu.

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To end in style, bet on an essential dessert, tiramisu but in our mini charlottes version. Layers of coffee-soaked biscuits, creamy mascarpone and sprinkled cocoa create an irresistible dessert experience. These individual mini charlottes are not only delicious, but also a convenient option for serving. A dessert that ends your meal in style!

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