The judicial process against Stefan Andrés Correa, the American accused of paying to abuse girls in Medellín, is advancing in a court in southern Florida, United States. The pedophile traveled 45 times to the capital of Antioquia for that purpose.

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At the hearing this Friday, April 26, the accused appeared dressed in a prisoner’s uniform and handcuffed by his hands and feet. But What struck those present in the room was his tranquility. He even joked with his lawyer minutes before the judge’s arrival.

Already before the robe that his case wears, it was learned that Stefan Andrés Correa He agreed with his defense to remain detained while the process progresses. That is, he did not ask for bail.

The process continues and before American justice, this pedophile He must answer for two charges: one for attempted trafficking of minors and another for attempting to travel to have illicit sexual relations.

No one from his family showed up at Thursday’s hearing. However, he revealed that he is married.

The next hearing for Stefan Andrés Correa is scheduled for Friday, May 3, and will be the reading of charges.

How did they catch him?

The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, revealed that he was contacted by another pedophile who managed to flee the country after being caught with two minors.

“When Timothy Alan’s victims are interviewed, information is obtained about this subject, Stefan Andrés Correa, who was the one who paid the rent, who was the one who paid for the girls’ food in different places in the city to continue sexually exploiting them. Here we are not facing isolated cases,” he explained.

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