An unfortunate event that occurred in Florida, United States, has a family shocked. Jesús David, a 33-year-old Colombian, He was murdered in a laundromat, apparently by some drunks.

The situation occurred in the town of Plantation in front of a laundry in which customers usually use the machines as self-service 24 hours a day.

In dialogue with Noticias Caracol Ahora, Diana García, the mother of this murdered Colombian, regretted what happened and said that His son had been living in the United States for eight years and had his wife there.

“What I know from friends of him and his wife is that they were at a laundromat in South Florida and some guys arrived in two trucks, my son’s truck was outside and they started bothering my son’s truck. He came out and there they exchanged words, I imagine, I don’t know if there was a struggle. “One of them managed to stab him in the back, he fell there inside the laundry and they just killed him,” said Diana García.

Furthermore, the mother narrated that “The wife tried to defend him, they also mistreated her, they bit her and they mistreated her a lot. That’s what I know about him.”

The woman is clear in stating that these men were under the influence of alcohol and other substances. But the exact situation of these individuals is really unknown.

Jesus’ wife is quite emotionally affected. “She feels very bad. Not so much physically, but emotionally, because she saw him die at the scene. “She called the authorities, the police arrived and one of them did not allow him to get into the ambulance or to be put in the ambulance and he died there,” Jesús David’s mother pointed out.

With a broken voice, this mother suffers her loss and asks the authorities for help to be able to repatriate her son’s body to Colombia.

“No one has told me, no one has told me directly what happened that is part of the law there. I need help because I have to get there as soon as possible. He was my only son. Please help me get the visa, I need to be there with my son, I need to do this whole process and I ask the competent authorities “Please help me get the visa and subsequently repatriate my son’s body,” said the mother of the Colombian murdered in the United States.


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