In the middle of a discussion about gender, a Paraguayan deputy made a curious confession that soon went viral on social networks.

The Parliament of that country was debating whether to modify the name of a commission when the legislator related an experience to show himself in favor of the adjustment.
“Let’s stop the hypocrisy. Everyone says ‘we are going to accept homosexuality, transvestism’ and there is no problem with that. “I have also had a sexual relationship with a transvestite at some point in my life and I am not afraid to say it.”he confessed.

The words of the Paraguayan deputy generated murmurs in the Legislative headquarters and, after this, the parliamentarian added that he did it of his own free will.

I did it by my own decision when I was of age and no one forced me”, he stressed.

Likewise, he pointed out that he is currently “well married to a beautiful wife” and that “he knows very well what his sexuality is.”

The discussion ended in favor of the legislator’s ideals. Finally, the Parliament of Paraguay approved that the Commission on Social Equity and Gender be renamed the Commission on Social Equity and Equal Rights between Men and Women.

Watch the video of the moment here:


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