A 3-year-old boy was hospitalized in intensive care after spending 6 hours locked inside a car after his parents “forgot” to take him to daycare.. The unusual case occurred in Neuquén, Argentina.

According to the information published by TN, the minor’s mother realized the situation when she returned to the car. and saw the child who was passed out in the back seat. At that moment, he called the medical authorities, who arrived urgently.

The rescuers performed resuscitation maneuvers on him, which had no effect. He was later transferred to a clinic, where his condition is stable, but he remains intubated and receiving intensive care.

According to the Neuquén Police, The parents stated that the child had been locked up because “they forgot to take him to daycare.”

The authorities of that country are analyzing the security cameras of the moment in which the minor’s parents left the car parked and went to work. Likewise, they will investigate the reasons why the minor had bruises on different parts of his body.

The Prosecutor’s Office will determine what the couple’s responsibility is. In addition, he requested a legal medical report on the minor’s health.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/papas-se-olvidaron-de-su-hijo-y-lo-dejaron-encerrado-durante-6-horas-en-el-carro-rg10

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