O The shipment included 1,800 900-kilogram bombs and 1,700 225-kilogram bombs, said an official responsible, quoted by the Associated Press (AP), under anonymity.

The eventual use of these powerful explosives and their use in a densely populated area, where more than a million civilians are refugees, was behind the decision, confirmed today by Lloyd Austin.

When announcing the postponement of the delivery of this weapon, the Secretary of Defense indicated before a Senate subcommittee that the United States had suspended “the shipment of a large load of ammunition”.

“We will pursue whatever is necessary to ensure that Israel has the means to defend itself,” Austin said. “But we are currently reviewing sending some of the short-term assistance in the context of developments in Rafah.”

The US frequently provides large amounts of military aid to Israel, which intensified after the attack by the Islamist group Hamas on October 7. The pause in sending this material highlights the apparent differences between the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu and the administration of President Joe Biden, which has called on Israel for more measures to protect the lives of the civilian population in Gaza.

The White House is also expected to announce this week the findings of a formal and internal inquiry into whether airstrikes and restrictions on the delivery of humanitarian aid violated domestic and international laws designed to protect civilians during violent armed conflicts.

In April, the United States Congress approved a budget of 95 billion dollars (88 billion euros) for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. This total includes a package of 14 billion in military aid to Israel, although the announced suspension of arms transfers is not related to this measure, the AP stated.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2556561/pentagono-confirma-pausa-no-envio-de-bombas-para-israel

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