The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petromet this Tuesday, April 9, 2024, with his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas. After the meeting, he stated that political peace in the Caribbean nation can also be armed peace for the Andean country, for which there is a “ground” to build quickly.

“Colombia can help a lot in political peace, in the political stability that we have proposed that can be achieved throughout South America, political peace in Venezuela can also be armed peace in Colombia, in that there is ground to build quickly, urgently.”“said Petro from the presidential palace of Miraflores, in Caracas.

Likewise, he said that this political peace is also related to security around the dismantling of criminal gangs, “the possibility that cryptocurrencies are not used as a money laundering mechanism, the joint fight against mafias of illicit economies.”

“So this scenario of peace, which we think should happen in Venezuela, of a peace around the armed conflict in Colombia and a peace that has to do with the common citizenwhich has to do with the mafias, the gangs giving ground to the safety of a citizen, a mother, a citizen,” he added.

Meanwhile, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, maintained that the Caribbean country will always be willing to help Colombia “beyond what is possible” to “build peace.”

“Venezuela will always be ready, willing and at your command to help beyond what we can.”…to build peace in Colombia, because the peace of Colombia is the peace of Venezuela and also the peace and stability of Venezuela, politically, economically and socially, is the tranquility and peace of Colombia,” he noted.

For this reason, he continued, Colombia and Venezuela must have a vision of cooperation, brotherhood and understanding. “I think that is what has prevailed as a spirit in the meeting,” Maduro noted.

Nicolás Maduro received Gustavo Petro this Tuesday at a time of special political tension between both countries, after the Colombian questioned the disqualifications of Venezuelan opponents that have prevented their nominations as candidates for the presidential elections on July 28.

In their statements, the leaders focused on the common points and did not mention the electoral issue that marked the differences between the two in recent weeks.


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