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Spoon, spatula, opting for wooden utensils in your kitchen is a commendable ecological gesture, but it is essential to maintain them correctly to prevent them from becoming a refuge for bacteria. On Instagram, culinary influencer Marie Gourmandise shared his practical tips for keeping your wooden utensils clean and in good condition, while respecting the environment.

After each use, take the time to clean your wooden utensils with hot water. If necessary, you can use ecological soap or Marseille soap to remove food residue, as suggested by influencer Marie Gourmandise. Be sure to rinse the utensils well after washing and dry them thoroughly. This step is crucial to avoid the accumulation of humidity which can encourage the proliferation of bacteria.

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Once a month, give your wooden utensils an invigorating bath in boiling water with white vinegar. This natural solution allows utensils to be thoroughly disinfected, while eliminating bacteria. After soaking, make sure to dry them completely before storing them.

For a deep clean and to eliminate lingering odors, there’s nothing like a baking soda treatment. Boil your wooden utensils in hot water with baking soda for a few minutes. After this step, let them dry completely before applying a thin layer of vegetable oil, such as flaxseed oil or coconut oil. This will preserve the natural beauty of the wood and ensure its longevity.


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