The Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, He assured this Friday, May 10, 2024, that the initiative to integrate Palestine into the UN “was initially promoted by Colombia.”

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After a vote, an overwhelming majority of 143 States once again asked the UN General Assembly to reconsider the integration of Palestine as a full State.

Only nine countries voted against, including the USA, Israel, Argentina, Hungary and the Czech Republic, and 25 abstained in this resolution which was co-sponsored by Spain, Ireland, Norway and Belgium, along with more than seventy countries. The coordination of the European Union was once again called into question.

However, the Security Council has the last wordwhich already rejected the full membership of Palestine on April 18 with the only blocking vote of the United States.

“The proposal for recognition of the Palestinian State at the UN was initially promoted by Colombia, it achieved support from the majority of Latin American countries and then Latin America achieved consensus with Africa and the Arab League,” assured the Colombian head of state, who since the war broke out has fervently shown his support for the Palestinian cause.

In his speech, which he has actively transmitted through his social networks, Petro has also been very critical of Israel, which is a traditional supplier of weapons, military equipment, medical devices, machinery, security systems and chemicals to Colombia. which in turn mainly exports coal, coffee, flowers and candy.

In fact, at the beginning of May, Petro announced the breaking of diplomatic relations with Israel in rejection of what the president considers a “genocide” in Gaza.

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