UA Filipino man was, this Friday, nailed for the 35th time to a wooden cross to reenact the suffering of Jesus Christ in a traditional ceremony that celebrates Good Friday in the province of Pampanga, in the Philippines. Ruben Enaje, 63, said he intended to pray for peace in Ukraine and Gaza.

According to ITV News, more than 100 people watched the ritual while 10 devotees were nailed to wooden crosses. Among the men was carpenter and painter Ruben Enaje.

The man became a celebrity in the village for his role as ‘Christ’ in the Lenten reenactment of the Way of the Cross.

After participating in the ceremony 34 times, Enaje confessed that he thought about not attending the religious penance again due to his age. However, he assured that he could not refuse due to requests from residents to pray for sick family members.

The carpenter also said that the need for prayers has deepened due to the alarming period of wars and conflicts taking place around the world, particularly in Ukraine and Gaza.

“If these wars worsen and spread, more people, especially the young and old, will be affected. They are innocent people, who have nothing to do with these wars,” she said.

The man was first crucified in the 1980s after surviving a fall from a three-story building. As a form of gratitude for the event that he considered a miracle, Enaje participated in the ritual.

“As my body is getting weaker, I can’t say… if there will be a next time or if this is really the last time,” Enaje said.

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