O Polish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wladyslaw Teofil Bartoszewski, told deputies in parliament that the death, on April 1, of Damian Soból, 35, and six other workers at the World Central Kitchen institution in the Gaza Strip was ” shocking and disturbing.”

Poland expects Israel’s “full cooperation” in the investigation opened by Polish prosecutors in Soból’s hometown of Przemysl in southeastern Poland, Bartoszewski said.

Prosecutors “classified [o caso] as homicide”, said the government official.

Israel conducted a swift investigation and took responsibility for the deaths of the aid workers, but said the attack was a tragic mistake and shared the findings with countries that lost citizens in the military action.

Israeli forces fired two officers and reprimanded three others, saying they violated the Army’s rules of engagement.

Bartoszewski said the dismissals and disciplinary measures were “inadequate” and called for the case to be heard by an independent court in Israel.

During a debate in the Polish parliament, many deputies demanded that the deaths be considered a war crime.

The Polish minister said Warsaw was working with other countries whose citizens were killed in the bombing – Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States – to jointly press for a detailed investigation into how the cars in which they followed the victims, and which were identified as humanitarian vehicles, became targets of repeated bombings by the Israelis.

Bartoszewski highlighted that all international defense rules were violated in this attack and that Poland demands compensation for Soból’s family.

The bombing followed the war in the Gaza Strip, which began more than six months ago with an unprecedented attack by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas on Israeli soil, where it killed almost 1,200 people and took another 240 hostage.

Since then, Israel has launched large-scale retaliation in the Gaza Strip, causing the deaths of more than 33,000 people, most of them civilians, and plunging the enclave into a serious humanitarian crisis.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2539745/polonia-investiga-como-homicidio-morte-de-trabalhador-humanitario-em-gaza

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