The body of Mario Antonio Albornoz50 years old, was found inside the freezer of the house where he lived, which is located in Córdoba, a city in Argentina. Authorities believe the victim was murdered in the middle of an attempted robbery.

According to the information revealed by Crónica, the victim’s brother went on alert, because it had not been possible to contact him. In addition, her neighbor was also worried, since she had not seen him for several days.

They notified the Police, who sent uniformed officers to verify what had happened to the 50-year-old man. Upon entering, they found him dead inside the freezer of his house.

According to the first versions, the victim’s home was in disarray. The body had been covered with a blanket and a pillow, which were apparently used to hide it.

The authorities are trying to determine if the body had any type of wound, since being frozen it was impossible to know that information in the first instance.

Likewise, the case is investigated under the hypothesis of homicide in the midst of an attempted robbery, due to the conditions in which they found the home.


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