OAgents used rubber bullets and tear gas against a group of protesters and detained around 20 participants in the protest nearby, which, according to the Government Delegation (similar to the former civil governments in Portugal), brought together around 1,700 people.

After an hour of concentration on Rua Ferraz, where the national headquarters of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) is located, the first lineups of hooded men began to form and bottles and other objects were thrown at the police column, with insults and criticism of the security force, the Spanish news agency reported.

As in previous days, the central nucleus of the protests was the Rua Ferraz area, but today around 500 protesters were at the Congress of Deputies, a number released by the Government Delegation.

The PSOE was the second party with the most votes in the national elections and the socialist Pedro Sánchez hopes to be reappointed prime minister next week, after a failed attempt at the end of September to form a right-wing government of the Popular Party (PP ).

Sánchez today asked the right to accept the results of the July 23 elections and the legitimacy of the next Government, at a time when there have been daily demonstrations on the streets of several cities against the agreements reached by the PSOE to continue in Government, in particular against the amnesty for Catalan independence activists negotiated with Catalan parties.

Daily demonstrations have been called in front of PSOE headquarters on social media by far-right groups and are supported by the Vox party, the third largest formation in Spain’s parliament.

The PP distanced itself from these demonstrations, which in the case of Madrid have ended up on several occasions with riots and police charges, in addition to chants being sung and fascist symbols and those of Francisco Franco’s Spanish dictatorship being displayed.

But the PP has also called for peaceful protest and has called for demonstrations for Sunday in 52 Spanish cities.

Pedro Sánchez said today, at the congress of the European Socialist Party, in the Spanish city of Málaga, that there will be political stability and coexistence among Spaniards in the next four years.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2439123/policia-dispersa-manifestantes-junto-a-sede-do-psoe-em-madrid

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