SAccording to the same source, the suspect “clearly suffers from psychiatric problems”.

The attacker, of Malian nationality, who “has been legally residing in Italy since 2016, with a perfectly valid authorization issued in 2019”as the documents in his possession attest, declared “spontaneously” that he suffered from “psychiatric problems” and “medicines” were found on him, added police officer Laurent Nunez during a press conference at Gare de Lyon, one of the main stations of the French capital.

The attacker attacked three people who were at the station, “with a knife and a hammer”, leaving one in serious condition, however in a stable situationbut with a still cautious prognosis regarding the risk to life, said Laurent Nunez.

Two other people suffered minor injuries and a fourth is in a state of shock.

“Investigations into his telephone number, his route in Italy and his statements at the hearing” will make it possible to confirm whether “the terrorist motive can be excluded”, concluded the police commissioner, calling for “prudence” regarding the attacker’s motivations .

According to the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office, an investigation into attempted murder has been opened. The National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office said it was monitoring the case.

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