Dand return to Italy, this Saturday, Pope Francis once again addressed the conflict in eastern Europe and suggested that some countries are “playing games” with Ukraine, first by sending weapons and, later, by considering giving up their commitments, reports Reuters.

Asked by a journalist whether he felt frustrated at the failure of his peace efforts, Francis admitted that he felt “some frustration” and continued: “It seems to me that the interests in this war are not only those related to the Russian-Ukrainian problem, but with the sale of weapons, the arms trade”, said Francisco, in a press conference on board a plane, after his visit to Marseille, France.

“We shouldn’t joke about the martyrdom of these people. We have to help them resolve things… I see now that some countries are backtracking, not wanting to give weapons (to Ukraine). A process is beginning in which the martyr will certainly it will be the Ukrainian people and that is an ugly thing”, added the Supreme Pontiff.

Speaking to Reuters, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni denied that the Pope had taken any position on the sending of weapons to Kyiv and clarified: “It was a reflection on the consequences of the arms industry: the Pope, with a paradox, said that those who traffic weapons never pay for the consequences of their choices, but let them be paid by people, like the Ukrainians, who have been martyred”.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia began in February 2022 with the aim, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, of “denazifying” and demilitarizing Ukraine for Russia’s security. The operation was condemned by most of the international community, which responded with sanctions against Moscow and the sending of weapons to Ukraine.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2406048/papa-sugere-que-paises-estao-a-fazer-jogos-com-a-ucrania

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