The president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, defended his government’s decision to storm the Mexican Embassy in Quito. For his part, The Mexican Government has ready the lawsuit against Ecuador before the International Court of Justice.

In his first statement after the police raid of his security forces at the Mexican Embassy in Quito for the capture of former vice president Jorge Glas, the president of Ecuador recognized that there is a complex and unprecedented situation.
However, Noboa defended what he described as “exceptional decisions to protect national security, the rule of law and the dignity of a people that rejects any type of impunity for criminals.”

Despite the tensions, The president stated that he was willing to resolve any difference. This expression of restraint was also expressed by the Foreign Minister of Mexico, Alicia Bárcena, who reiterated that her country will sue Ecuador before the International Court of Justice for violating international law and that she will send a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations and made a call for peaceful demonstrations.

“To calm down, for the demonstrations, if they are going to take place, to be peaceful. We are not going to take any type of measure of that nature,” Bárcena assured.

In the midst of the diplomatic storm, another episode caused a stir: Glas was transferred to the Guayaquil Naval Hospital, where he will remain under observation. In several Ecuadorian media there was talk of a possible suicide attempt and even a self-induced coma due to the consumption of antidepressants, version that was denied by the Ecuadorian Penitentiary Service, which states in a statement that the former vice president suffered a possible decompensation due to not eating.


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