O leader of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, recorded a video from Africa, revealing that he is carrying out “the tasks he promised to carry out”, even calling for volunteers to join the mercenaries to “defend the freedom of Africa”.

“We are working. The Wagner Group is carrying out reconnaissance and search operations, making Russia even greater on all continents and making Africa even more free”, Prigozhin began by saying, in a video shared on the social network X (formerly Twitter ), on the Belarusian channel Nexta TV.

According to the leader of the Wagner Group, the objective is to bring “justice and happiness to the African peoples”. “We are tormenting ‘ISIS’, ‘Al-Qaeda’ and other bandits”, he added.

Prigozhin also announced that the mercenaries are “recruiting true warriors and continue to fulfill the tasks that were defined and that they promised to carry out there”.

However, he assured that “when the homeland asks for it”, elements of the group, which was recently Russia’s main strike force in Ukraine, will again create a “national unity” to defend the country’s interests.

In addition, he added that the group continues its activities in Africa and Belarus, the country where it moved after the failed armed rebellion against the Kremlin in June.

It is recalled that the founder of the Wagner Group, appeared in a video, last month, welcoming his Wagner fighters in Belarus and telling them that they will no longer participate in the war in Ukraine.

However, this is the first video in which Prigozhin appears in public statements after the rebellion in Russia, which ended up suspending less than 24 hours later, after making an agreement mediated by Lukashenko, the president of Belarus.

Prigozhin had earlier accused the Russian army of attacking its mercenary camps, causing “a very large number of casualties”. The accusations were denied by the Russian Defense Ministry.

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