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Children’s tableware has just been recalled for health reasons, in this case exceeding safety thresholds for volatile organic matter levels. The latter in fact exceeds the threshold authorized by the regulations.

The problem is that exceeding safety thresholds can be dangerous for your health. The vapors from these solutions cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract.

Several batches of the VERTBAUDET brand and distributed throughout France are affected by this recall. The references are as follows:

Set of 3 green silicone bowls-1060446002 set of 3 brown silicone bowls-1060446001 green silicone plate meal set-1060447002 brown silicone plate meal set-1060447001

GTN : 3611654011662 / 3611654011679 / 3611654011693 / 3611654011686

The products were distributed from 12/07/2022 to 10/19/2023.

If you purchased this tableware, stop using it.

On the practical side, it is preferable to go to its point of sale and return it in order to benefit from a refund before Saturday February 17, 2024. You can also contact consumer service at the following number: 0320760760.

If there have been a lot of product recalls recently, remember that this is necessary to avoid any risk to consumers’ health.


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