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Contamination with a plant toxin can cause health problems, including digestive problems. Symptoms may vary depending on the amount of toxin ingested. In the case of the recalled flours, the dose of toxin is low, but as a precaution, it is recommended to no longer consume these products.

The products affected by this recall are as follows:

Semi-whole wheat flour T110 Organic CHABRIOR: GTIN 3250391781867, Lot 046TS2, Date of minimum durability 08/16/2024.

CHABRIOR Organic T65 white wheat flour: Several batches are affected. The references are as follows:

GTIN 3250391781836, Lot 060TS1, Minimum durability date 01/09/2024.

GTIN 3250391781836, Lot 046TS4, Minimum durability date 08/16/2024.

GTIN 3250391781836, Lot 046TS4, Minimum durability date 08/15/2024.

GTIN 3250391781836, Lot 060TS4, Minimum durability date 01/09/2024.

These products were marketed at INTERMARCHE between 02/20/2024 and 04/04/2024.

If you have purchased any of these products, stop using them immediately. It is recommended to return them to the point of sale to receive a refund. If this is not possible, it is advisable to destroy the product.

It is important to check the products you buy to avoid any health risks. Product recalls are necessary to ensure consumer safety.


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