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The products affected by this recall are pure beef minced steaks 5% fat and 15% fat from the Tendre et Plus brand. The specific references are as follows:

  • Ground Steak 5% fat 6x100g, lot B18990300, GTIN 3265980125908, with an expiry date of 07/15/2023 and 07/17/2023.
  • Ground Steak 15% fat 3x125g, lot B18990300, GTIN 3265980123553, with a best before date of 07/17/2023.

These products were marketed at LECLERC between 10/07/2023 and 17/07/2023. They can be identified by the FR 38.051.001 CE health mark. Only stores in the following departments are affected by the recall: AIN (01), ALLIER (03), DROME (26), ISERE (38), LOIRE (42), NIEVRE (58), RHONE (69), SAONE-ET-LOIRE (71), SAVOIE (73), HAUTE-SAVOIE (74), VAUCLUSE (84)

The presence of the bacterium Escherichia coli O157 has been detected in these batches of minced steaks. This bacterium can cause sometimes bloody diarrhoea, abdominal pain and vomiting, with or without fever. These symptoms may be followed (5 to 8% of cases) by severe renal complications, mainly in children.

If you have purchased these minced steaks, it is recommended that you no longer consume them and destroy them. You can also bring them back to your LECLERC store for a refund. If you have consumed these products and you have the symptoms mentioned above, you are advised to consult your doctor without delay, notifying him of this consumption as well as the place and date of purchase. In the absence of symptoms within 10 days after consumption of the products concerned, there is no need to worry and consult a doctor.

The company ELIVIA, which produces these minced steaks, said it apologized to consumers and “assures them that they are doing everything possible to understand the reasons for this contamination in order to prevent it from happening again”. For all questions, you can write to the email address [email protected] or contact the following number: 02 41 21 21 21. The end date of the recall procedure is set for August 8.


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