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The product affected by this recall is TOMATO KETCHUP NATURE from the Belle France brand sold throughout France via the distributor Francap Distribution. It is packaged in a 340g soft bottle. The batches concerned were marketed from April 16, 2024 to April 29, 2024. They have the reference GTIN 3258561140773, with a minimum durability date of 08/29/2025 and a batch number G060.

The recall was triggered following the detection of a manufacturing and sealing defect. The product packaging may swell and have white spots. Although there is no identified pathogenic risk, these products were manufactured and/or stored in conditions that do not provide satisfactory health guarantees. They are therefore likely to present a danger to the health of consumers.

If you have purchased this product, stop consuming it immediately. It is recommended to return it to the point of sale to receive a refund. For any questions, you can contact the brand’s customer service at 0144741702.

It is important to check the products you buy to avoid any health risks. Product recalls are necessary to ensure consumer safety. We recently explained to you how product recall procedures are implemented. Stay vigilant and be sure to check product recall information regularly.


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