“A The key, in my opinion, is something that Russian political scientists once identified, and which I agree with, which is (Chinese President) Xi Jinping and (Russian President) Putin are friends not because Russia is good for China or because China does not have a national conflict with Russia. They are best friends mainly because they believe in the same ideas. They are friends in terms of values, they are autocrats and they want to stay in power forever,” he said.

In an interview with the Lusa agency, the professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) added that the two leaders “don’t like the United States, and therefore, by definition, by extension, they also don’t like Europe very much.”

Therefore, he adds, “it is not, at all, a Chinese national interest”.

The academic noted how Beijing was caught in a dead end regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, because shortly before, China and Russia signed many agreements, with the Presidents “basically saying: we have the best relationship in the world, without limits”.

Thus, after the invasion, in February 2022, China began to “perform acrobatics on a rope”, to “try to balance itself” because, on the one hand, Xi Jinping’s support for Russia puts him in check before the West and as a target of sanctions, but, on the other hand, there is no desire to go back on the agreements made, explains the author of the book “The China Race: Global Competition for Alternative World Orders”, presented in Lisbon, within the scope of the Conferences of Primavera of the Macau Scientific and Cultural Center.

“(Both countries) are working hard. There are a lot of rumors and many of them are real. For example, China is clearly supporting Russia, so far, with a lot of money. China is buying Russian oil and gas, in large quantities. China has drawn up a huge aid plan for other countries — Belt and Road, etc.,” in addition to support in terms of “technology, military parts and equipment,” Wang said.

Fei-Ling Wang also listed a “third rumor that China is using North Korea as a proxy to send military equipment and weapons to Russia, such as ammunition, which has not yet been substantiated.” money of course”, he considers.

“And despite the fact that Ukraine has helped China a lot in the field of military technology” in terms of “very important Soviet military technology, Chinese leaders consider Putin to be a more important friend, from a political point of view”, he argued.

Therefore, the researcher does not expect changes in Beijing’s position regarding support for Putin, that is, support that will not go beyond the point where there are sanctions, recalling the example of the United States of sanctioning Chinese companies, but not the country or the system Chinese finance.

In this context, Americans increasingly consider China to be “playing both sides, which is not good for the credibility of a large country”, said Wang.

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