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Summer evenings are the perfect time to enjoy simple, quick and delicious meals. Sandwiches are perfect options for a quick dinner, as they can be prepared in no time and are easily customizable.

Whether you are a fan of cheese, smoked salmon or shrimp, you will surely find a sandwich that will please you. So fire up your toaster and get ready to enjoy delicious, summery sandwiches in no time!

This summer sandwich highlights the freshness of cucumber and the sweetness of fresh cheese. The slices of country bread are topped with a generous layer of creamy fresh cheese, which brings a creamy texture to every bite. Thin slices of cucumber add a refreshing and crunchy note, ideal for hot summer days. Ready in minutes, this sandwich is perfect for an aperitif or a light dinner. See the cucumber cheese toast recipe

A summer sandwich that awakens the taste buds with its bold flavors. The slices of country bread are lightly toasted for a crispy texture. On each toast, cooked shrimp, slices of tangy chorizo ​​and chunks of melting mozzarella are arranged, creating a perfect balance between sea, land and cheese. The cherry tomatoes add a touch of freshness that balances it all out. See the recipe for grilled toast with prawns, chorizo, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.

A gourmet sandwich that harmoniously combines smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh tarragon. The slices of country bread are covered with smoked salmon, bringing a touch of sea flavor. The cherry tomatoes add a sweet and tangy note, while the mozzarella brings a melting texture. Fresh tarragon leaves complete this delicious combination with a touch of subtle aroma. See the recipe for smoked salmon, cherry tomato, mozzarella and tarragon sandwiches

A tasty toast that combines the richness of goat’s cheese and the smoky taste of bacon bits. The slices of country bread are generously spread with goat cheese, offering a creamy and unctuous experience in the mouth. The bacon bits, previously cooked, bring a touch of crispiness and salty flavor. The wedges of fresh figs add a fruity note that perfectly balances this gourmet combination. See the recipe for goat cheese and bacon tartines

These summer toast recipes offer a variety of flavors and textures to satisfy every palate. They showcase seasonal ingredients that are simple to prepare and perfect for quick dinners. Take advantage of the summer season to taste these delicious sandwiches with family or friends. Enjoy your food !


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