For a few days it has been registered repression on several university campuses in the United States, considered the epicenter of pro-Palestinian demonstrations. More than 250 students have been arrested.

In Atlanta, witnesses captured the moment when one protester received at least three Taser shocks.

The Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, assured that “A hallmark of our democracy is our citizens making their views, their concerns, their anger known. “It is also notable that there is silence about Hamas, it is as if it is not even part of history.”

Thousands of students from universities such as Harvard also continue to camp in support of the Palestinians.

These student movements in the United States have spread to other places in the world. For example, In France, dozens of young people protest blocking access to the prestigious political studies institute in Paris, Sciences Po.and shouting his support for the Palestinians.

“We are going to continue mobilizing for days, weeks and months until the genocide in Gaza stops“said Zoe, a Sciences Po student.

Students demand that the elite institution condemn Israel’s actions in Gaza, since the war in the Palestinian enclave leaves more than 34,000 dead.

Tensions increased when Pro-Israel protesters challenged students occupying the building. However, the Police intervened to keep them separated.

The pro-Palestinian movement spread to Germanywhere dozens of people set up camp in front of parliament, demanding to stop arms exports to Israel.

“This government “He is a lover of genocide”said a young man in Berlin.


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