A The initiative was not approved by the opposition of the hard wing of the Republican Party, in favor of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) and which had already expressed its opposition to any provisional measure to finance the Public Administration beyond 00:00 local time on Sunday , October 1st, when all available resources will be exhausted.

The result of the vote was 198 votes in favor of the plan of the Republican leadership of the lower house of the US Congress and 232 against, with negative votes from both Republicans loyal to Trump and representatives of the Democratic Party.

Democrats opposed the bill because it included cuts in funding for federal agencies, while increasing funding for border security with Mexico and limiting the use of the “CBP One” app created by the U.S. President. American, Joe Biden, to speed up the processes of asylum seekers.

In fact, Biden had threatened to veto this initiative, due to its inclusion of funds intended to obstruct his policies.

The plan was promoted by the president of the House of Representatives, Republican Kevin McCarthy, with the purpose of avoiding a government shutdown and, simultaneously, pleasing the most radical sectors of the party by including provisions related to border security.

However, such measures were not enough for the Trump-supporting wing, gathered under the name “Freedom Caucus (Freedom Electoral Commission)”.

The objective of this Republican faction is to undo an agreement reached in June by McCarthy and Biden, by which Congress suspended the United States debt ceiling in exchange for the White House accepting specific limits on public spending.

These Republicans don’t like the deal and want more cuts. Specifically, they intend to set a public expenditure limit of 1.47 billion dollars (1.39 billion euros) for the 2024 fiscal year, which represents an additional 120 billion dollars (113 billion euros) in cuts from the than agreed.

There are less than 48 hours left before the Public Administration runs out of funds, which will lead to the closure of most government agencies, museums and national parks, while hundreds of thousands of federal public servants will be temporarily out of work and without pay.

“There is still a chance” for the United States to escape the “shutdown”, the federal government shutdown that threatens the country from next Sunday, if members of Congress do not reach an agreement on the budget, said the director of the Office of the White House Budget, Shalanda Young.

“I remain optimistic, because we still have a day and a half” for the Democratic and Republican representatives in Congress to reach an agreement, declared the official at the White House’s daily press conference.

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