A rite of passage in Córdoba, Argentina, has left 35 Argentine soldiers with severe burns after quicklime was thrown on them instead of flour, as reported by the Army of that country. The case is now under investigation by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

At the initiation ceremony held in the 14th Parachute Regiment of the Third Army Corps in Córdoba, soldiers who had just completed their training were lined up and sprayed with quicklime and cider on their faces. The incident, which occurred on May 17, left 20 of them hospitalized with injuries to the esophagus, stomach and lungs.

The Argentine Army issued a statement explaining that the use of lime was a mistake, since It was originally planned to use flour and cider for the celebration of the 221 graduating paratroopers. According to the statement: “A group of 35 troops, due to an error by those who were supposed to carry the material, received lime instead of flour.”

The statement also detailed that the affected Argentine soldiers were immediately transferred to the Córdoba Military Hospital to receive medical attention. “A small group was kept under observation and later discharged,” the document reads. In addition, it was reported that internal disciplinary actions have been initiated and sanctions have been applied to those responsible for lack of control.

The lawyer for one of the victims dismissed the Army’s version of an alleged error: “They threw lime at them one by one, how could they not realize that it wasn’t flour,” he said.

“There was no consent from the soldiers”, he added. He also considers that, in addition to the physical suffering of the soldiers, there apparently was a cover-up of the events, which constitutes an abuse of authority.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/rito-de-iniciacion-a-soldados-argentinos-termino-en-graves-quemaduras-les-tiraron-cal-viva-rg10

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