The murder of three Colombians in the last few hours in Spain is news in the Caribbean region because it would be the end of the Vega Daza clan. Witnesses in that country claim that among the deceased is Roberto Vega Daza, a member of the criminal group.

The murder of the three Colombians took place inside a vehicle, on a public road in Valencia, Spain. The homicide group of the civil guard attended the case. Residents of the sector claim that no shots were heard, so it is believed that the hitmen used a silencer.

It is being investigated whether one of the murdered men is Roberto Vega, a member of the Vega Daza family, of Guajiro origin and recognized in much of the Colombian Caribbean region for its possible links to drug trafficking.

Journalist Jacobo Solano spoke about the connection of these homicides with the Vega Daza clan: “Given the complete context, it has to do with a whole chain of confrontations between gangsters and drug businesses that have occurred in the last 2 – 3 years”.

Roberto Vega Daza had been the only survivor of the massacre in which his brothers Ray and Ronald died. and his father Kike Vega Cuello, which occurred on June 29, 2023 in Puerto Colombia, Atlántico. That day he was injured in one of his legs.

Upon learning of the possible murder of the last member of the Vega Daza clan, unknown persons painted graffiti on the door of the house where his father and brothers were killed. The text said: “Game over the Vega.” In addition, a few blocks from the place, there in Puerto Colombia, they launched fireworks.

Roberto Vega Daza had been saved from at least five attacks in Barranquilla and Puerto Colombia, including the shooting that occurred in October 2022 during a party in a cabin in Sabanilla. There they shot two men.

After his brothers and father were murdered, it was learned that Roberto Vega Daza had left the country to flee from his enemies.


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